About Rachel

I'm Rachel Groves (rachelcreative) and I was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2007 although I had been ill for quite a while before that. My illness effects all aspects of my life and leaves me very debilitated with a lot of horrible symptoms to contend with. I am housebound most of the time. I'm 38 years old and I live in Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK.

I wanted to think of a way to raise money for  ME Research UK.

For my first fundraiser I am organising a 10k walk where volunteers will push me to raise money for ME Research.  I can only walk a very short distance without triggering a worsening of my condition so I am relying on volunteers to take me around the course. Even if I had consistently "good" weeks it would still take me around 60 weeks to walk ten kilometers on my own two feet.

I hope to do more events in the future to continue my fundraising by any means I'm able.

Although I haven't been able to go out to work since 2006 I do manage to create some art from time to time and you can see more of that on my art blog and website

You may have seen me and my husband Paul in his regular column in  The ME Association's monthly magazine through 2010/2011. Paul  juggles his work and career with caring for me plus all of the household responsibilities.