I have a handful of ribbon sashes on order which will be available on the day for a few walkers to wear if they wish. This is an easy way of displaying the donation information, particularly how to text donate.

I'm using a stash of my exisiting art postcards and adding a little blurb on the back to tell people about what we're doing and why.  Those walking with me can give these out to folks before the event and maybe even on the day.  It just tells people we're doing a 10k wheelchair push, how to make a donation and who ME Research are.

I'm also making a couple of hats with the donation info on. I usually need to wear a hat when I'm out as the sky can be a bit too bright for my head to handle so I may as well make use of the space to promote our event.

I have sponsorship forms printed and on digital file for any walkers taking part who want to try and raise some money - after all they're the ones doing the hard work!

Next is to get a couple of photos taken and prepare an article for the local press. Eeeek! Publicity is good f



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